A record-breaking number of tourists arrived last year in the Moravian and Silesian Region

Year 2016 set new records in visitor numbers for the Moravian and Silesian Region (MSR). According to the Czech Statistical Office, 822 875 visitors stayed at the region’s accommodation facilities, which is an increase of almost 50 thousand compared to the previous year. The number of nights spent in the region also increased.

The region’s tourism had a good year, the number of guests in accommodation services increasing by almost 6.2% compared to the previous year. The increase is just below the national average (6.9% for the CR). The MSR ranks in eighth place in the overall assessment of regions in the Czech Republic, including Prague.

Visitors from the Czech Republic account for the largest share in the number of arriving guests with 641 464 guests in 2016, which is an increase of 7.8% compared to the previous period. More than one fifth of all guests arrive from abroad. The number of foreign visitors increased by almost 1%. As previously, most of them arrived from Slovakia and Poland while Germans and Italians accounted for the third and the fourth largest groups of foreign visitors. According to David Karčmář, Director of the Moravian – Silesian Tourism destination management company, this trend reflects the increased interest in domestic travel in regions of the Czech Republic over the last few years. “The figures also confirm our strategic vision in which we target key nearby markets, such as Poland, Slovakia, and Austria when promoting the region abroad,” Mr. Karčmář stated.  

The number of nights the guests spent in accommodation services in the Moravian and Silesian Region reached 1 918 533, increasing by 6% compared to 2015.  On average, each guest spends 2.3 nights in the region and the number of overnight stays is growing. This is potential for greater income from tourism.  

“When you multiply the number of overnight stays by the average travel expenses from individual countries including the Czech Republic, the amount generated annually by this segment comes to almost two billion crowns,” Mr. Karčmář added.

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