The Moravian Silesian Region is under new management

The fourth Council President, Ivo Vondrák from the ANO Party, was elected at the constitutive session of the Regional Council (10th November 2016).

The new Regional President will take on tasks in strategically developing the region, foreign relations, and security. Eight new deputies will manage the region, cooperating with the President as well as other regional council members who were also elected into local government. Lukáš Curylo (KDU-ČSL – Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People’s Party) will be Vice-President for Culture and Heritage Preservation , Jakub Unucka (ODS – Civic Democratic Party) has been appointed Vice-President for Smart Region and Transport, and Jaroslav Kania (ANO Party) has been appointed Vice-President for Finance, Property, and Investments. Martin Gebauer (ANO Party) will administer Healthcare, Jarmila Uvírová (ANO Party) will be Vice-President for the Environment and Agriculture, Jan Krkoška (ANO Party) will supervise Regional Development, Tourism, European Funds, and Operational Programmes, Jiří Navrátil (KDU-ČSL) will lead the Department of Social Affairs, and Stanislav Folwarczny (ODS) will manage Education and Sport. Radomíra Vlčková (ANO) and Vít Slováček (KDU-ČSL) have remained in their current posts.

The new regional coalition is formed by ANO with six mandates on the regional council, the Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People’s Party with three mandates, and the Civic Democratic Party with two mandates. The new coalition has a majority with 36 votes in the sixty-five-member regional council, while the opposition (ČSSD – Czechoslovak Social Democratic Party, KSČM – Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia, and the SPD and SPO Coalition – Freedom and Direct Democracy and Party of Civic Rights) has 29 votes.

The newly elected President of the Moravian Silesian Region Ivo Vondrák offered this statement: “First of all I am very glad we have succeeded in creating a constructive and, I believe, strong coalition. We are currently working on a policy statement that we want to have finished by the end of the year. We also need to prepare long and medium-term strategies for developing the region. Our joint goals include, for example, dealing with unemployment, specifically on an improved system for linking unemployed people to vacant jobs. I am also convinced that support for innovation and business will be included in our plan, and that we will also have to deal with issues concerning traffic services, and the issue of hospital management. Our first task, however, is to approve the regional budget. We are currently familiarising ourselves with the proposed budget so that everything can be managed according to plan,”  

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