Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

  1. President's Office
    • International Relations Section
    • External and Internal Relations Section
    • Crisis Management Section
    • Secretariat Administration Section
  2. Regional Authority Director's Office
    • Personnel Section
    • Public Procurement Section
    • Service and Maintenance Section
    • Road Transport Section
  3. Corporate Governance Support and Audit Department
    • Corporate Governance Support Section
    • Financial review of territorial units Section
    • Complaints and Subsidy Control Section
  4. Legal and Organizational Department
    • Legal Section
    • Legislative and Organizational Section
  5. IT Department
    • Network and Computer Technology Section
    • Database and Application Administration Section
    • GIS and Project Management Section
  6. Department of Internal Affairs and Regional Trade Licencing Authority
    • General Administration Section
    • Administrative Activities Section
  7. Investment and Property Department
    • Investment Section
    • Property Section
    • Financing Building Projects Section
  8. Finance Department
    • Budget Section
    • Financing and Treasury Section
    • Accounting and Methodical Section
  9. Health Care Department
    • Health Administration Section
    • Health Organizations and Health Care Management Section
  10. Zoning, Building Regulations and Culture
    • Zoning Section
    • Building regulations Section
    • Culture and Historic preservation Section
  11. Regional Development and Tourism Department
    • Regional Development Section
    • Structural Funds Section
    • Tourism Section
  12. Environment and Agriculture Department
    • Water Management Section
    • Air Protection and Integrated Prevention Section
    • Nature and Agriculture Protection Section
    • Waste Management Section
    • Environmental Impact Assessment and Forestry Management Section
  13. Education, Youth and Sports Department
    • School Administration Section
    • Educational Development Section
    • Youth and Sports Section
    • Direct Costs Section
    • School Funding Section
  14. European Projects Department
    • Project Office Section
    • Non-Investment Project Section
  15. Social Affairs Department
    • Social Services Development Section
    • Social Protection Section
    • Economic Section
  16. Transport and Smart Region Department
    • Transport Section
    • Transport Administration Section
    • Road Management Section
    • Smart Region Development Section

Moravian-Silesian Region

Office hours for the public:

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