A contactless smart card for the Moravian-Silesian Region’s Integrated Transport System (ITS).

Although ODIS was launched by the Moravian-Silesian Region in 2009, its practical implementation took place only gradually after 2011. Financing was mainly covered by the Moravian-Silesian Region, the City of Ostrava and individual carriers operating in the region.

ODIS is the only electronic means of payment recognised by all the carriers engaged in public passenger transport within the Moravian-Silesian Region’s ITS. It is a contactless smart card that can be used within the Moravian-Silesian Region’s ITS in two basic ways:

  • As a long-term season ticket; or
  • As a multi-purpose prepaid card,

where either of these basic methods can be combined.

  • Other applications can also be carried inside ODIS, such as Czech Railways’ “ČD Card”.

More on ODIS can be found at and at the company website of Koordinátor ODIS s.r.o.

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