For the first time ever, the Moravian Silesian Region was visited by over a million tourists

The Moravian Silesian Region has appeal  over a million visitors came here in 2019. 1,013,461 guests reserved accommodation in tourist accommodation facilities in the region for the first time in history. The total number of tourists rose year on year by 2.8 per cent. Visitors stayed 2.8 nights in our region on average.

“The Moravian Silesian Region’s visitor rate rises every year, and this time the statistics made us even happier than usual. For the first time ever, our visitor rate exceeded the magical threshold of 1 million tourists accommodated at tourist accommodation facilities. I am convinced that the regional infrastructure and marketing projects have also contributed to the increase in the number of tourists visiting our region. For example, the establishment of three stellplatz facilities, or paved areas for parking camper vans and caravans last year, expansion of the regional e-bike hire network, where potential clients can now hire e-bikes for affordable prices at thirty sites in the region, and also our Techno Route, which has united 25 technical sites in the region since last year,” said Deputy Governor of the Moravian Silesian Region for Regional Development and Tourism, Jan Krkoška.

He specified that 27,666 more visitors travelled to the region, compared to 2018. “Tourism plays a strong economic role, it generates substantial revenue and creates jobs. This is also why we announced the first Moravian Silesian Region Tourism Awards 2019. We wish to use this competition to recognise high-quality projects and motivate entities to become involved in tourism. The public can also decide on the winners by voting until 13 February,” said Deputy Governor Jan Krkoška.

He added that the Region will now pay closer attention to statistics. “The Czech Statistical Office only calculates one sphere of the visitor rate, the number of tourists that reserve accommodation in monitored tourist accommodation facilities. In actual fact, many more visitors visited our region and we want to find out how many people came to the region for just one day, for example, or stayed with family and friends. The regions total visitor rate is logically much higher, millions of visitors who spend billions of Crowns. We will know the exact results during the spring,” Deputy Governor Jan Krkoška specified.

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