Landek Park in Ostrava is opening a new Stellplatz

Landek Park, the largest mining museum in this country and a well-known archaeological site and unique national natural location in one, has commenced operating the first and only Stellplatz in Ostrava. Stellplatz is the name owners of caravans and caravanning enthusiasts call places where camper vehicles and trailers can be parked for camping. They now have a unique opportunity to combine a visit to the city and camping in an interesting, natural environment surrounded by historical mining structures in Ostrava. 

The unique location contributed to the support and initiation of the project by the Moravian-Silesian Region. “Development of tourism is very important to our region. Last year, tourists spent more than eight and a half billion crowns here, funds which are important for developing the region and supporting its tourism businesses. The rising visitor rate is helping to increase the quality and range of services. I am convinced that the Stellplatz is a step in the right direction to attracting camper vehicle and caravan enthusiasts to our region. This way of holidaying is becoming very trendy, and it’s delightful that the Moravian-Silesian Region has something to offer in this area,” said Deputy Governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region for Tourism Jan Krkoška. The Stellplatz was strategically located in a regional town and near the D1 motorway, facilitated by the location of Landek Park, which is also a tourist attraction.

The Stellplatz at Landek provides comfort even for longer holiday stays. “We have equipped the caravan sites with the necessary amenities. This means electricity and fresh drinking water supply points and also a wastewater outlet with the option to dispose chemical WC content,” said Manager of Landek Park Lumír Plac.

Services are non-stop and self-service, which means camper vehicles or trailers can be cleaned at any time of day or night. Cashless, self-service payment is also possible, and Wi-Fi access is available at the U Karla Buffet. Eight caravans can park on spacious sites in pleasant surroundings. The price per site per day is CZK 100, plus the price for one adult of CZK 70 per day, and children pay CZK 50 per day. The project cost more than a million crowns, and the Moravian-Silesian Region contributed CZK 600,000 as special-purpose support to construct the amenities.

Opening the Stellplatz was planned to coordinate with the end of the school year and preceded the interesting Army Family Day event for families with children, which was held at Landek Park on Saturday 29 June. “People could arrive in their camper vehicles for this encounter with modern military technology and weapons currently equipped by the Czech Armed Forces and stay for the whole weekend,” explained Manager of DOV Petr Koudela, acknowledging that all the equipment and attractions at Landek Park are also aimed at locals as well as tourists. The recently created amenities can also be used by visitors to the Beats 4 Love or Colours of Ostrava festivals. The entire area is also pet-friendly, which means visitors can bring their pets, and it can also be reached from the network of popular cycle routes.

Surrounding the Stellplatz at Landek Park are a restaurant, bistro, buffet, connection to cycle routes and attractive natural and historical sites spread over a total area of 35 hectares. Public transport is also within reach, and the motorway to Brno and Poland is conveniently accessible by car.

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