The Moravian-Silesian Region plans to welcome a million tourists this year

In order to attract more tourists, the Moravian-Silesian Region is continuing to support tourism this year. Visitors can discover attractions such as the technical monuments along the Technical Trail, comfortable cycling tours by electric bike, the catamaran at Slezká Harta, the traditional gastro festival and other major public events.

“The number of visitors to the Moravian Silesian Region is growing every year. Our goal for 2019 is clear—we want to achieve one million guests. This is why we have planned several activities to  help us promote tourism even more, from purely marketing activities to infrastructure projects. Some of these activities are completely new, others will be developed to make them comply even more closely to modern trends,” said Deputy Governor of the Moravian Silesian Region for Regional Development and Tourism Jan Krkoška.

One of the biggest planned innovations is establishing ‘stellplatz’ areas, i.e. paved areas for parking camper vans and caravans. The first of these will be created at the Landek Park complex and will be available to camping enthusiasts from 24 May. “Travelling with your camper van or caravan is an increasingly popular way of travelling around Europe. It is therefore important to offer visitors to our region ‘stellplatz’ areas with European parameters that provide a comfortable and pleasant environment. We want tourists to enjoy visiting us again and again and for our region to become a sought-after destination. The new ‘stellplatz’ areas in Landek are located conveniently right next to the D1 motorway and also near the town. They are an excellent base for setting out on trips throughout the surrounding area. I hope more and similar sites will be established in our region. They expand the tourism infrastructure and increase the attractiveness of the Moravian-Silesian Region,” said Regional Deputy Governor Jan Krkoška, adding that the pleasure cruise boat at Slezká Harta would be another new tourist attraction. This electric catamaran will be carrying tourists from June onwards.

“We have had an enthusiastic response to electric bike hire facilities. Last year, we distributed 80 bikes of different types to 20 sites. We offer trekking bikes and mountain bikes for hire, including women’s frames. The option of this comfortable alternative means of transport is particularly appreciated by less mobile tourists, as it makes trips and visiting tourist destinations much easier for them. This year, we will add another 10 bike hire sites to the original 20 sites,” said Deputy Regional Governor Jan Krkoška, also pointing out that the Eco-bike project does not generate any profit for the region. Clients pay a fee that only covers servicing and operating costs. “Electric bikes are currently available at Karlova Studánka, Pustevny, Dolní Vítkovice, Sanatoria Klimkovice and Šilherovice. The network of bike hire sites and recharging points will be expanded with the addition of Mosty u Jablůnkova, Hrčava, Ovčárny pod Pradědem and Štramberk,” added Regional Deputy Governor Jan Krkoška, also mentioning that more information is available on the North Moravia website.

The Technical Trail and the region’s technical monuments will also be expanded for the forthcoming summer season. Beginning in 2012, the project aimed to present technical sites to visitors using unusual methods and provide an unforgettable experience. “Interested parties can expect the opportunity to ride on a historical bus in the Ostrava-Karviná region, visit a quarry while in operation, and tour a synagogue focusing on the spiritual life of Jewish industrialists. Over 25 subjects throughout the region have so far registered for this project. The programme appears very promising,” said David Karčmář on behalf of the Moravian-Silesian Tourism Society, which manages the Technical Trail project. The Technical Trail opens in June and will also have a new website.

Food and drink are an important element of tourism. “Gastro-tourism in the Moravian-Silesian Region is supported by a show of culinary skills called ‘Jak šmakuje Moravskoslezsko’ (How does Moravia-Silesia taste). This year, we invite everyone to Karlova Studánka on the 10th August, and we can once again promise excellent regional cuisine and an accompanying programme,” announced Regional Deputy Governor Jan Krkoška.

The Moravian-Silesian Region will also continue promoting cycling and cross-country skiing. “This year, we will invest 18 million crowns from the regional budget to construct new or renovate existing cycling trails. Major funds will also be invested into promoting winter sports. The Moravian-Silesian Region has provided support to maintain ski runs and cross-country skiing trails since 2003. We contribute to the maintenance of over 855 km of trails,” said Regional Deputy Governor Jan Krkoška, adding that the Jesenice and Beskyd Magistral cross-country trails will be undergoing renovation this year. The connections between cycling and cross-country skiing trails will also be improved as well as regular repair work and installation of signage.

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