Tourists will be able to take an electric boat ride on the Slezská Harta

Beginning this season, a unique electric boat will serve as a new draw for tourists. From the beginning of June, they will be able to enjoy cruises on the waters of the Slezská Harta, thanks to a new project of the Moravian-Silesian Region in support of tourism, which contributed 14 million crowns to the purchase of the electric boat.

“I believe that a cruise on the Slezská Harta will be an unforgettable experience for all visitors. The reservoir is one of the ten largest in the country and is in a protected zone where use of boats with internal combustion engines is prohibited. That is why the boat will run on batteries. Its operation will therefore be friendly, both to the environment and to the water in the reservoir, which, in addition to recreation, is also used as a source of non-potable water,” said Governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region Ivo Vondrák, adding that the boat’s name Harta resulted from a poll.

The large-capacity electric boat Harta can carry 45 passengers and a crew. It is wheelchair accessible and can carry up to 10 bicycles on the lower deck. “Naturally, we expect that young families will visit. Parents do not need to worry, there is room for prams on the boat, which will be carried for a fee of CZK 20. People will certainly also appreciate that they will be able to take their dog along for the trip. During the ride, a snack bar will be available to tourists on the boat, as well as a wheelchair-accessible toilet and a lookout and covered deck,” said Deputy Governor for Tourism and Regional Development Jan Krkoška, adding that tickets will be on sale directly on the boat and in the information centre in Leskovec nad Moravicí, the boat’s home berth, boasting recharging equipment.

Ticket prices will differ depending on whether a passenger goes on a circuit or a sight-seeing ride. Sight-seeing trips cost CZK 190 for adults and CZK 150 for children up to 15 years. During the summer holiday, the boat will cruise on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, and in the off-season, it will cruise on weekends. Sightseeing trips are scheduled to start on 1 June.

In July and August, tourists will be able to go on circuit trips on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The boat will start out from Leskovec and stop at Razová, Mezina, Nová Pláň, and Roudno, before returning to Leskovec. The price of a circuit trip will range from CZK 60 to 260, depending on the length of the trip chosen.

“In high tourist season, sightseeing trips are among the most sought-after attractions in the Slezská Harta area. Tourism in this part of the region is in many cases the only alternative for developing small business. That is why I consider the putting of the electric boat to water and the professionalisation of boat transport very beneficial, said Deputy Governor Jan Krkoška.

The boat is equipped with two electric motors that will run on lithium batteries. Solar panels are installed on its roof. The cruising speed is 13 kilometres per hour. The boat will be run by an association of municipalities from the Slezská Harta Microregion that will organise all boat transport on the reservoir.

“In addition to the electric boat, the Moravian-Silesian has supported other projects in the locale: last year, we contributed CZK 400,000 to the municipality of Leskovec nad Moravicí for building facilities for visitors to Slezská Harta. The money was used to build power and water lines running to six plug-in posts that will serve for recharging and supplying water to boats cruising Slezská Harta and for recharging and filling up the Harta; another million was provided for building hygienic facilities for visitors and facilities for boat transport, beaches, and small points of sale, said Deputy Governor Jan Krkoška, adding that bins for separated waste, park benches, and beach changing rooms will spring up around the Harta Reservoir.

The area around the Slezská Harta Reservoir is popular with cyclists. Visitors can recharge their electric bikes or rent one of the electric bikes that the Region distributed in the area in the E-kola project. The Slezská Harta Microregion received a contribution of CZK 340,000 for building a new bike trail.

“I believe that all those projects will attract more visitors. Tourism and its development enhance the perception of the Moravian-Silesian Region as worth visiting. And we will not deny it, tourists bring money here, which is important for local businesses,” concluded the Region’s Governor, Ivo Vondrák.