Visitors to the region can now take a trip underground - another attraction has been added to Technoroute

In Nízký Jeseník, tourists can visit the newly opened Flaschar mine, part of the Technoroute. Slate was mined here at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. One of the attractions is the chance to see the Odry slate belt with your own eyes. The Flaschar mine, near the town of Odry, will be open until 1 November, after which it will close to tourists as bats and other rare animals hibernate inside. It will reopen in the spring.

Flascharův důl

 “The unique Technoroute project brings together thirty technical attractions. The ‘Slate Landscape’ was added last year, offering tourists several attractions in the Nízký Jeseník area. From the Slate Museum in Budišov nad Budišovkou and Slate Nature Trail to the newly opened Flaschar mine near Odry,” said Jan Krkoška, Deputy Governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region for Tourism and Regional Development, adding that Technoroute was named the best tourism product in the country this year. He added that the Flaschar mine is one of only two accessible slate mines in the whole of the Czech Republic.

Návštěvníci kraje nahlédnou do podzemí, Technotrasa nabízí další lákadlo

Visitors to the Flaschar mine can enjoy two horizontal galleries connected by an 18-meter ventilation shaft. The tour also includes several mined chambers. The Flaschar mine reveals rock folds that formed around 350 million years ago. You can also see the face of the slate fold, which demonstrates mountain-forming processes.

Flascharův důl

The Flaschar mine is located at Veselský kopec near Odry and is open from Wednesdays to Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm. “Visitors can look forward to a pleasant walk to the mine. They have to leave their cars in the parking lot in Odry or at the Katovna visitor center. Beautiful views of the Oder basin await them on the Veselská Trail - they then join the marked nature trail at the Jahn viewpoint and walk all the way to the Flaschar mine. The whole route is less than two and a half kilometers long, making it ideal for children, too,” stated Jan Krkoška, Deputy Governor of the Region, adding that the Moravian-Silesian Region has supported the Slate Landscape and Flaschar mine with funding totaling CZK 213 000.

Flascharův důl

A visit to this attraction is rich in experiences, something people who have already visited the Technoroute are doubtlessly used to. Visitors can try cutting slate, handle original tools and experience absolute darkness underground which is then illuminated by a period miner’s lamp. They experience the chill of the underground with the constant dripping of water, and I believe it will be an unforgettable experience. A barrier-free tour of the mine can be arranged - both floors of the mine will be accessible from the surface for wheelchair users or families with small children.

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