Development Principles of the Moravian-Silesian Region

Development Principles are a planning document for the entire region. They provide the concept of territorial development in the region, delimitation of areas and corridors of supralocal importance and set out requirements for their use. Supralocal importance is given to projects which are located on the territory of several municipalities, as well as projects that do not exceed the boundaries of a village, but are important for the wider area (e.g. an airport) or significantly affect the surrounding community (for example, an increase in traffic). Development Principles are binding for the acquisition of local plans, regulatory plans, and for making decisions in the area. It is also true that they must not contain details of related documentation. Development Principles can only be changed by update. They are normally issued in a scale of 1 : 100 000.

Development Principles of the Moravian-Silesian Region (DP MSR) were created in the years 2008 to 2010 and issued by the Assembly of the MSR on 22. 12. 2010 under Resolution no. 16/1426.

DP MSR, including evidence of their acquisition, are deposited at the Regional Office of the Moravian-Silesian Region, Department of land-use planning, building regulations and culture, where it is possible to consult them and the documentation. DP MSR came into effect on 4. 2. 2011. The original zoning plans of large territorial units were also invalidated on this day.

Development Principles are issued in the form of general measures. As such they contain a propositional part stating what is proposed and a reasoning part, which justifies individual projects, the way they are defined and the entire discussion process. Each of the two parts has its text and graphic part (maps). Attached to the Principles of territorial development is an evaluation of their impact on the sustainable development of the territory.

The textual part of the DP MSR

The textual part (statement) is structured according to the Principles of the Annex to Decree no. 500/2006 Coll. It contains the following chapters with graphic part:

  • A. Priorities of land-use planning in the region to ensure sustainable development of the territory
  • B. Development areas and development axes
  • C. Specific areas
  • D. Areas and corridors of public infrastructure, Territorial System of Ecological Stability (TSES), land reserves
  • E. The clarification of territorial conditions of the concept of conservation and development of natural, cultural and civilisation values of the territory
  • F. Defining target characteristics of the landscape
  • G. Public works and community action
  • H. Requirements of supralocal importance for coordinating planning activities of municipalities and their TDP solutions
  • I. Areas and corridors to examine by planning study
  • J. Areas and corridors to address by regulatory plan issued by regional authorities
  • K. Areas and corridors to address by regulatory plan issued upon request
  • L. Assigning regulation plans
  • M. Determining the sequence of changes in the area
  • N. The number of DP MSR sheets and the number of drawings in the graphic part

DP MSR contain 173 pages of text, including a list of abbreviations. The graphic part of the DP MSR contains a total of 6 drawings.

The textual part of the DP MSR reasoning

The textual part of the reasoning used to justify and clarify the proposed solution. It contains an evaluation of the coordination of land use in terms of broader relations, an evaluation of compliance with the approved specification, comprehensive justification of the proposed solution, a qualified estimate of the annexation of soil funds. Including of the DP MSR reasoning is also graphic part.