Spatial Development Policy and Land Use Planning Documentation in the Czech Republic

The Spatial Development Policy specifies requirements for the development of land in the Czech Republic as well as in cross-border and international contexts, defining a strategy and basic conditions for fulfilling nationwide planning tasks. The Spatial Development Policy is effectual for all Development Principles, Plans, Regulatory Plans and Planning Permissions.

Land planning documentation comprises Development Principles, Plans (Master Plans) and Regulatory Plans. Land-use planning documents are issued in the form of “general measures” as these measures are defined in the Administrative Code.

Development Principles are the zonal planning document for the entire region. They mainly set the fundamental requirements for effectively and efficiently organization of areas and corridors of supra-local importance, especially public works areas and corridors (transportation and technical infrastructure, production and storage, etc.) and publicly beneficial measures (flood control, land-based ecological stability system, etc.). Development Principles are effectual for Plans, Regulatory Plans and Planning Permission.

Each Plan (Master Plan) is one municipality’s basic conceptual document for coordinating its development. It is prepared for the entire area of the municipality. The Plan clarifies and develops land-use planning goals and tasks in accordance with the region’s Development Principles and the Spatial Development Policy. The Plan also provides the concept for developing the municipality’s land, protecting land values and defining land, spatial and landscape configurations and the concept for public infrastructure. It defines built-up areas, buildable areas and corridors, redevelopment zones, areas for public utilities and areas for publicly beneficial measures, while setting the utilization conditions for these areas and corridors. The Plan is one of the fundamental building blocks for sustainable development, and directly or indirectly affects the welfare of everyone who lives or works on the municipality’s land. The Plan is effectual for Regulatory Plans and Planning Permission.

Plans on the Region’s map site

The Regulatory plan is the most detailed type of land-use planning documentation. Detailed conditions are set out within the area of interest for utilisation, for the localisation and spatial arrangement of buildings and for protecting land values. A regulatory plan is effectual for decision-making within the area. In certain cases (see the Building Act), a Regulatory Plan can replace Planning Permission.

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