Canadian Ambassador visits the Moravian-Silesian Region

The Canadian Ambassador, H. E. Barbara C. Richardson, visited the Moravian and Silesian Region on Tuesday 21 November 2017, during Canadian Days.

The Deputy Governor, Lukáš Curylo, received the Ambassador.

The Ambassador visited our region for the first time and mentioned during a cordial dialogue that she would like to see intensified activity of Canadian companies in our region in connection with CETA (an international treaty on free trade between the EU and Canada) as she believed that Canadian activities were virtually invisible in the Czech Republic. The Ambassador and the Deputy Governor agreed on support for cooperation in business, education, culture, and tourism.

Deputy Governor Curylo commented on the meeting. “The Ambassador is a very pleasant and pragmatic lady. I met her on the previous day during the opening ceremony for Canadian Days and we naturally continued our discussion on topics for potential cooperation. The areas we are interested in, whether cooperation in research and development, IT, or green technologies, also resonated strongly with the Ambassador. I also mentioned the rich cultural life in the region, including top-quality artistic ensembles such as the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra Ostrava, and offered the opportunity for cultural exchange for our ensembles in Canada and vice versa. My mention of the Philharmonic Orchestra was deliberate as the Orchestra is preparing a series of performances to mark the 100th anniversary of the premiere of “Její pastorkyňa” abroad and the 90th anniversary of the death of Leoš Janáček next year. I believe that increasing the awareness of the standard of culture in our region is one of the major ways to make our region more well-known abroad and more attractive and sought after by incoming students, scientists, and businessmen.”

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