Catalonia’s envoy visits Ostrava

Mr. Adam Casals, delegate of Catalonia to Austria, Lichtenstein, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, and Croatia visited Ostrava to attend the opening ceremony of the “Folklore without Borders” festival.

As a part of his busy schedule, Mr. Casals attended a meeting at the Regional Chamber of Commerce, met with leaders of the Ostrava Municipal Authority, and talked with the region’s Governor, Mr. Ivo Vondrák, discussing options for cooperation between the two regions. Catalonia is part of the Kingdom of Spain and one of the most advanced regions in the European Union.

Recognising the great potential of our region, Mr. Casals suggested possible areas of cooperation to the Governor, particularly in technologies, power engineering, and collaboration between schools and universities. Naturally, culture is also one of the areas of interest, as the Governor pointed out. Our region with its industrial tradition is highly attractive to Catalonia due to its proximity to countries such as Slovakia and Poland, as well as its potential in advanced technologies (for example nanotechnologies), the automotive industry, and smart technologies. The Moravian-Silesian Region is a good starting point for trade with Eastern Europe generally. Catalonia, though, could open new opportunities for cooperation with South America.

The Ostrava airport was another point of discussion, the representative of Catalonia’s regional government seeing this as a major opportunity for cooperation. Finally, Mr. Casals mentioned Catalonia’s entrepreneurial mission and offer regarding potential organisation of the regional Smart City congress in our region with the participation of entrepreneurs from Catalonia. This would be a great opportunity for our companies to establish new business contacts.

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