Cooperation Agreement with the Opole County signed

The Cooperation Agreement between the Moravian and Silesian Region and the Opole County in Poland was signed at a special ceremony on Friday, 15 September 2017, in Ostrava.

While both regions have cooperating closely for a long time, collaboration was not officially confirmed until this year.

The Agreement was signed by Andrzej Buła, Marshall of the Opole County, and Ivo Vondrák, Governor of the Moravian and Silesian Region.

Sharing a border has always led to the regions having a close relationship. Regional cooperation has been intensive, especially at town, Euroregion, and microregion level. This partnership is built on all levels and is a natural part of life for residents in both regions. The Opole County is seen as a promising partner in many ways, including the exchange of experience, cross-border projects, education, and tourism. Czech tourists are increasingly discovering Poland, and vice versa. As we have similar customs and traditions, our languages also being similar, the border between our country and neighbour was never perceived as a strict boundary. We live in Central Europe, which gives us many opportunities to cooperate on projects that enrich us culturally.

This Agreement is a promise for future development in cooperation and intensified cross-border projects.

“I am confident that this signing strengthens what has already been working up to now. I am very pleased we are signing something that makes sense and has good prospects for the future. I am confident that we have years, decades, and perhaps even centuries, of rewarding cooperation ahead of us”, said the region’s Governor.

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