Deputy Regional Governor, Svatomír Recman, met with the representatives of the Opole Province

Representatives of the Opole Province attended a work meeting in the Moravian-Silesian Region on Thursday 18 February 2016. The group was led by council member Szymon Olgaza. The main topic of this meeting was presentation of the Opole “Programme for Special Demographic Zones” and the opportunity for cooperation on joint projects utilising financing from European funds.

The Opole Province has been dealing with unfavourable demographic development since 2009 and has been working on a specific programme for a special demographic zone in the Opole Province since 2014, with the goal of reversing the unfavourable decline of the population due to a falling birth rate and migration of residents outside the region. The Opole Province faces the greatest population decline in Poland. Among others, the programme also focuses on areas such as support of families and their function in society, on life-long education from preschool to mature students, on creation of jobs influencing migration and, not least, on care of seniors and their integration into society. The project could be co-financed from the INTERREG V-A Czech Republic – Polish Republic cross-border cooperation programme.

At the end of the meeting the Polish party presented its plan to intensify cooperation in the field of tourism in border areas. The Opole Province would also like to involve the Olomouc Region in the joint project with the Moravian-Silesian Region. The potential joint project would also be eligible for support from the INTERREG V-A Czech Republic – Polish Republic programme.

“Unfortunately the demographic situation in Europe is showing a long-standing negative trend. We are facing the increasing individualism and fragmentation of society with all its negative consequences. This situation can be helped by once again appreciating the value of family and having compassion for those in need, by being capable of spending time together across the generations and passing on such behavioural models naturally to younger generations. If we manage to create a joint project, enabling promotion of the aforementioned values through specific activities, then we will certainly be happy to support it. And with regard to tourism, we already have a long-standing partnership with the Olomouc Region in this area, which is why we welcome a partnership between all three subjects," Deputy Recman commented on the meeting.

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