Getting to the Moravian-Silesian Regional Authority

Moravian-Silesian region in Europe

The official name of the Moravian-Silesian Regional Authority in the Czech language is “Krajský úřad Moravskoslezského kraje“.

Moravian-Silesian Regional Authority


Krajský úřad - Moravskoslezský kraj
28. října 117
702 18 Ostrava

GPS POSITION: 49°49'47.2"N 18°16'13.9"E

Public transport

Any Ostrava public transport line that connects to tram lines No. 4, 8, 9, 11, 12 or 18 – exit at the “Krajský úřad” stop.

  • From Ostrava – hlavní nádraží (Main) train station, the best route to take is tram No. 8 (in the Vřesinská direction), exit at the “Krajský úřad” stop, the ninth stop on this line. The journey takes approximately 14 minutes.
  • From Ostrava – Svinov train station, the best route is to take tram No. 8 (from “Svinov mosty - horní zastávka”, in the Hlavní nádraží direction), exit at the “Krajský úřad” stop, the seventh stop on this line. The journey takes approximately 11 minutes.

by Train

The nearest train station is Ostrava-Střed and you can walk from there (approximately 10 minutes) – see the map. You can also walk 5 minutes from Ostrava-Střed to the “Náměstí republiky” stop, and it is just one stop from there by any tram in the Poruba direction to the “Krajský úřad” stop.

The main destination station for long-distance trains is Ostrava – Hlavní Nádraží.

by Bus

If possible, arrive at Ústřední autobusové nádraží (the Central Bus Station), which is fairly close to the Regional Authority building – approximately five minutes’ walk, see the map.

by Plane

The nearest airport is Ostrava – Mošnov. You cannot land closer if travelling by plane.

by Car

  • From OLOMOUC – along the D1 motorway to EXIT 354. You will reach an enormous roundabout (be careful, it’s a little complicated) and exit in the Poruba-Svinov direction (you have to drive around nearly the whole roundabout and exit in nearly the same direction you entered from). After about 400 metres take a right turn – still in the Ostrava-Svinov direction – and keep to the main road. You will turn right once again at the larger crossroads and past the roundabout (you will pass a train station on your right), turn left just in front of the bridge and drive up onto the bridge in the CENTRUM (city centre) direction. Now keep driving straight ahead along the tramlines. After approximately 4.9 km you will reach Krajský úřad, which you will pass on your right.
  • From OPAVA – drive into the city along the No. 11 Opavská road. You will drive straight on from the first large crossroads with traffic lights at the edge of Ostrava-Poruba. After 5 km you will come to a large crossroads with traffic lights called U Vodárny – you are now on 28. řijna Street. Continue straight ahead and you will reach your destination after 3 km.
  • From FRÝDEK-MÍSTEK – travel along the R56 (Místecká) road to Ostrava. At the edge of Ostrava, you will pass a MAKRO store on your left – continue along Místecká Street for another 6.3 km, then drive up onto the bridge in the Poruba direction. You will reach your destination after 350 metres.
  • From ČESKÝ TĚŠÍN – along the R48 road to Frýdek -Místek and then continue as above.
Moravian-Silesian Regional Authority in Ostrava

Getting to Ostrava

Ostrava, the third largest city in the Czech Republic, is easily accessible by train, coach, car and also plane.

Approximate distances:

  • Prague – Ostrava: 370 km
  • Brno – Ostrava: 169 km

Getting to the Czech Republic

by Airplane

There are four international airports in the Czech Republic:

Note: There is a regular shuttle service from Ostrava Airport (located in Mošnov) to the Central Bus Station (also known by the abbreviation ÚAN) in Ostrava city centre. If you are carrying heavy luggage, it might be worth taking a taxi to get to the city centre - the price for a taxi ride should not exceed 20€.

There is also the train station situated next to the departure hall. See the timetable of the train line S4.

by Bus

There are several long-distance bus/coach companies in Europe, for more information see for example:

Information about the traffic rules in the Czech Republic.