Governor Hosts Chinese Delegation

On Thursday, 8 September 2016, a delegation from the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) visited our region as part of their business tour across Central Europe.

This organisation, which is close to the Chinese government, has been seeking to establish friendship between China and other countries since its founding in 1954, and plays an active role in building relationships not only between countries but also their regions.
The delegation was received by Governor of the Region Miroslav Novák, and they discussed the possibilities for mutually beneficial cooperation at a working dinner, which was also attended by representatives of universities and companies from our region. For example, Mr Qi Jinli, deputy mayor of Beijing’s Yanqing district, where part of the 2022 Winter Olympics will be held, was interested in our experience organising major sporting events. Other local government representatives were impressed with the presentations by our companies ORC recycling s.r.o. and Ostrava LTS, a.s. dealing with waste management, specialising in secondary raw materials and technology for the disposal of and energy recovery from sorted waste and biomass in the form of thermal separation.
Contacts with potential Chinese partners were also established by SEMIX PLUSO, a manufacturer and marketer of food products, including organic products, truly whole-grain cereals, and mixes and fillings for the production of bread, pastries and cakes for bakers, pastry chefs, catering businesses and final consumers.
Last but not least, the meeting was inspiring for representatives of University of Ostrava and Technical University of Ostrava because the Chinese side expressed great interest in cooperation in science and research.
 "The topics that were most interesting for the Chinese side were our experience organising sporting events, universities from the region developing cooperation with their Chinese counterparts, and also the food industry and energy recovery from sorted waste. Cooperation between universities has come the longest way since 2013, when we actively entered into communication with our Chinese partners. Incidentally, we have been financially supporting the universities in their efforts through regional subsidies. Traditional Chinese medicine is one area in which hospitals and universities from the region are more and more interested. And if we manage to find specific partners for companies from the region, whose representatives regularly accompany me on my working trips to China, it will be additional added value from the dynamically developing regional cooperation with such undoubtedly important partners as the Chinese provinces and national institutions," said Governor Novák about the discussions.

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