Moravian-Silesian Region Delegation presents itself as part of the healthy cities network in Russia

A delegation from the Moravian-Silesian Region, led by Deputy President of the Region Daniel Havlík, visited Vologda Oblast in Russia from 9th to 14th June.

The main purpose was to consider the issue of the healthy cities network. The programme the Russians had prepared for our delegates included an official welcome by the Deputy Governor of Vologda Oblast, Mr. Oleg Vasiljev, who is now in charge of new relations with the Moravian-Silesian Region. It is a direct result of the active approach of both sides that the Moravian-Silesian Region now has the opportunity to become part of some interesting inter-regional projects.

The heart of the whole programme, however, was a round table discussion attended by representatives of the individual divisions of Vologda Oblast and members of the Russian association “Healthy cities, divisions and municipalities”, chaired by Deputy Governor of Vologda Oblast, Mr. Oleg Vasiljev. The individual divisions of the Vologda Oblast were presented, as were the projects that our region has the opportunity to become involved in.

“It is our aim to develop cooperation on healthy cities between Russia and the Czech Republic. We came here to present our experiences and were also delighted to hear the presentations given by our Russian colleagues. I see massive potential in this cooperation because it opens the door for the start of work on interesting projects. What is more, the very exchange of experiences plays an important role, in that just as our Russian colleagues are interested in our experiences, we want to hear their opinions and the results of the work they have done on this issue,” said Daniel Havlík, Deputy President of the Moravian-Silesian Region.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us to learn about our partners’ experiences. Their information about how the healthy cities network functions in their region is most welcome because they have developed a categorisation method, which was presented to us in April. The Association of Healthy Cities decided at a meeting held recently in Pskov that this method would be adopted, further developed and adapted to meet the needs of the members of the Association for the whole of Russia. This will certainly be interesting for both sides. We believe that this issue will give fresh impetus to developing cooperation,” explained Oleg Vasiljev.

Vologda Oblast, as a partner region of the Moravian-Silesian Region since 2005, is one of the most active regions in the sphere of inter-regional cooperation, which it has developed at the economic level, on tourism and health care and fire prevention. Recently, however, there has been dynamic development primarily on healthy cities. Indeed Vologda Oblast is one of the regions of Russia most keenly involved in the issue of a network of healthy cities, especially since the Governor of the Oblast, Oleg Kuvshinikov, is also the President of the Association.

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