Our students learnt to cook Asian cuisine in Korea

Deputy Governor of the Region Stanislav Folwarczny visited our partner city of Ulsan in the Korean Republic at the end of June for a gastronomic course on Asian cuisine. Students and teachers from secondary schools established by the Moravian-Silesian Region also attended the course, and the Deputy Governor met with the city’s management.

Ten selected students and two teachers from six secondary schools in the Moravian-Silesian Region attended the gastronomic course. These students had advanced gastronomic skills and good English language skills. The aim of the course was to improve the gastronomic skills of the students and teachers in Asian (mostly Korean) cuisine and their active use of a foreign language in practice. The courses were held in English. Another no-less important aim was to deepen collaboration between the partners and become familiar with Korean culture and local customs. Course participants will now pass on the knowledge they gained to their classmates and colleagues at their secondary schools. The courses held at Ulsan College were led by local teachers and professionals and focused on traditional Korean dishes and local dining customs. A demonstration of Czech gastronomy and preparing traditional Czech dishes also took place during the programme.

“Education and sport are the two pillars of our partnership that we can develop to the benefit of both parties. Our young students showed exceptional talent during the course and expressed great interest in and enthusiasm for their studies. They were also able to try out their professional English in practice, which certainly moved them up a level,” said Deputy Governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region for Education and Sport Stanislav Folwarczny, evaluating the course. He added that in return, the region will invite Korean students so they can learn more about and cook Czech and European cuisine. “With regard to sport, discussions confirmed that Koreans are enthusiastic football fans, which is why we plan to invite the junior football team from Ulsan to take part in the international Baník Cup tournament. Teams from England, Wales, Austria, Ukraine and Slovakia took part in last year’s tournament, and this year we expect that teams from seven countries will compete,” explained Deputy Governor Folwarczny.

In his visit to Ulsan, the Deputy Governor also met with representatives of the city’s management headed by Deputy Mayor of the City Seok-Jin Kim. Another potential area of mutual cooperation established in the meetings was in technical education. Ulsan’s ambition is to become number one in the use of hydrogen in the automotive industry. “The industrial past of our region and vision of using hydrogen in transport supported by technical education are characteristics that link us to our Korean partner. I proposed to develop this area of our partnership at the meeting with the deputy mayor, suggesting that internships for secondary school students focusing on the automotive industry and transport could be arranged,” commented Deputy Governor Folwarczny on the meetings with the city’s management.

The metropolitan city of Ulsan is the industrial base of South Korea and home of the Hyundai automobile company. The city has been a partner region to the Moravian-Silesian Region since 2013.

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