Representatives of the region visited their counterparts in Silesia and discussed air quality

Representatives of the Moravian-Silesian Region visited the office of the Marshal of the Silesian duchy and the Municipal Office in Katowice.

They discussed the topic of air quality with Deputy Marshal Henryk Mercik and Katowice Deputy President Mariusz Skiba.

“The Moravian-Silesian Region has been plagued by worsened air quality for a significant amount of time now, and this year’s inversions and related smog are not just a national problem but a problem for our neighbors in Poland, especially in the Silesian basin. The Moravian-Silesian region has already implemented measures to improve air quality, ranging from stricter integrated permits in line with state-of-the-art techniques, called “boiler subsidies”, more frequent cleaning of roads, planting of trees and greenery around larger roads, and support for alternative means of transportation. We met with representatives from Poland to discuss further joint activities in this area,” said Jarmila Uvírová, Deputy Governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region for the Environment. “We have reached an agreement on the shared submission of a project called i-Air Region for the INTERREG V-A program for the Czech Republic – Poland. The project aims at introducing measures leading to improved air quality on both sides of the border. This goes beyond simple exchange of information: it primarily deals with selecting the most efficient measures that can be applied on both sides of the border,” added Jarmila Uvírová. She then continued, saying that if the project is approved, it could begin as soon as January next year.

“We’re not relying solely on the i-Air Region project though. We also discussed with representatives from Poland the Silesian duchy’s activities, which primarily focus on reducing emissions from local heating. Over there they have a better legislative environment where individual duchies can issue regional legal regulations specifying, for instance, how fuels are used or the minimum requirements on emission parameters of boilers in the given territory. This is one area where we can benefit from Poland’s experience. Our region, though, is much more active in applying state-of-the-art practices for industrial companies, which is not prioritized as heavily in Poland,” added Jarmila Uvírová, Deputy Governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region for the Environment.

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