Security services in Třinec under one roof

The regional fire fighters, police and metropolitan police officers of Třinec have moved into a modern building with an interesting design in Frýdecká Street in Třinec. The Integrated Dispatch Centre (IVC) cost almost 250 million Czech crowns and represents a complete solution to the unsatisfactory conditions the Integrated Rescue Services (IZS) in Třinec previously had to operate in.

The new building provides the security services with technological, servicing and operational areas as well as social facilities. The site includes a sports facility with a running track, a multi-functional sports area and a training tower for firefighters. Just like for the IVC in Albrechtice and the airport in Mošnov, the Region was able to finance 85% of the construction costs of the IVC in Třinec from Europeans funds. The remaining amount was provided by the Region from its budget. The IVC in Třinec now employs 104 police officers and related employees, 42 Třinec Metropolitan Police officers and related employees, and 34 members of the regional fire brigade.

“In December 2014 there was only a foundation stone at this place and nothing else. Even though I have seen the visualizations and projects, the real building is much more impressive and I am glad that the security services have state-of-the-art premises for their demanding work,” said Governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region Miroslav Novák. “In addition, this unified workplace for firefighters, the police and the Metropolitan Police has a strategic position near the city centre, the main road to Slovakia and the planned feeder road to the I/11 by-pass. It will therefore be easier and – most importantly – faster to dispatch vehicles. The IVC will therefore increase the safety of people living in Třinec, including the connected areas in the Czech Republic and near the borders,” Miroslav Novák continued.

The three-storey building with underground parking is currently occupied by the fire brigade of the Moravian-Silesian Region, the Třinec Metropolitan Police, the transport inspectorate and the office of the district department of police of the Czech Republic, Třinec. The fire brigade moved to the new IVC from their office in Železniční Street, while the district department of police of the Czech Republic and the Třinec transport inspectorate moved from 1. Máje Street. The criminal police and inspection service of the municipal department of Frýdek-Místek moved from leased premises on náměstí Míru and the Třinec Metropolitan Police moved to the IVC from Smetanova Street.

“Construction of the Integrated Dispatch Centre in Třinec was based on the pressing need to resolve the unsatisfactory operating conditions of all three security services. The original fire station was built in 1969 and did not meet the requirements and demands of the 21st Century. The situation was similar for the Třinec police force. The coordinated efforts will now allow for faster and more efficient action when saving human lives, health or property,” said Josef Babka, 1st Deputy of the Governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region. “I have always had great respect for the security services, be it the police, fire brigades, medical rescue services or the metropolitan police. I know that their work is hard and that they have a great deal of responsibility. The leadership of the Moravian-Silesian Region has been able to create the best possible conditions for their teamwork in order to ensure the most important thing – timely and highly professional dispatch and arrival of services,1st Deputy Josef Babka added.

In addition to smaller items of equipment, the Region also equipped the fire brigade with a special fire engine to produce and transport foam last year. This equipment cost nearly seven million Czech Crowns and was funded by European funds and the Ministry of the Interior.

“This new IVC represents a significant step forward for the fire brigade of the Moravian-Silesian Region, namely in terms of conditions for the work of the firemen – which were absolutely unsatisfactory – and also with regards to the creation of premises to house the technical equipment of the station, as in the old premises it was not possible to acquire new technology. For citizens, the main contribution of the building will certainly lie in its much more advantageous position. Another important factor is cooperation and coordination of activities between all three integrated rescue services” added Zdeněk Nytra, head of the Moravian-Silesian Region Fire Brigade.

The possibility of cooperation by the Police of the Czech Republic through the IVC in Třinec is also welcomed by Deputy to the Moravian-Silesian Regional Police Chief Radim Daněk. “We definitely support this model of cooperation. It has been verified in practice that it helps increase the safety of citizens and improve the operational possibilities of all involved services. Citizens can therefore find all the services they need at a single location, basically right in the city centre. It is also important to mention the operational cost savings as well as the option to use the shared premises for training,” said Radim Daněk, Deputy to the Moravian-Silesian Regional Police Chief, pointing out the advantages of the new centre.

“All services have ideal conditions for cooperation and I firmly believe that the new IVC will also bring a lot of advantages for our citizens. As I see it, the Třinec Metropolitan Police benefit mainly from the strategic position of the IVC, premises that can accommodate a higher number of police officers, greater storage space for equipment, and even better conditions for cooperation between all the services in the form of personal communication directly in the building,” summarized Josef Kuźma, head of the Třinec Metropolitan Police.

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