The Moravian-Silesian Region has concluded an agreement to establish friendly relations with the Chinese province Jiangsu

The agreement builds on the memorandum of cooperation concluded by the two regions in Nanking in 2013.

Several meetings to discuss healthcare, science, and education were held under this memorandum in the years following. Having assessed each other’s experience, both parties agreed that establishing a formal framework would be suitable for mutually beneficial cooperation, and decided to conclude the agreement to establish friendly relations.

The agreement was signed during the “China Investment Forum 2017” held this week in Prague and attended by representatives of the Chinese province. Prior to signing the agreement, the delegation of the MSR led by First Deputy Governor Lukáš Curylo, and the delegation of the Jiangsu province led by Vice-Governor Ma Qiulin, negotiated options to expand cooperation.

Deputy Governor Curylo outlined the region’s experience transforming from an area with until recently mainly metallurgical and black coal mining industries to a location providing advanced engineering and IT sector services, highlighting the availability of a supercomputer.

He also mentioned the development of new fields in the region, such as nanotechnologies and biotechnologies. He also presented the Chinese guests with the opportunity for cultural cooperation, particularly in art education and study exchange travels for young talents.

Vice-Governor Ma Quilin presented the Jiangsu province’s economic data. He expressed his belief that the similar character of industrial activities between the regions forms a solid basis for further cooperation, as the province also focuses heavily on engineering. The Vice-Governor also voiced his support for cultural cooperation and outlined options to develop tourism, as increasing numbers of Chinese tourists travel to Central and Eastern European countries and the Czech Republic is becoming a highly sought-after destination.

“The Chinese guests were captivated by the Lower Vítkovice Area project and the concept of using deserted industrial premises. The Chinese region also has many, similar deserted facilities but has not yet attempted any kind of conceptual solution to these areas. I have also mentioned certain interesting cultural events held annually in the Moravian and Silesian Region and offered the opportunity for young Chinese artists to appear in the interpretation competition organised by the Janáček Conservatory in Ostrava,” commented Deputy Curylo during negotiations with representatives of the Chinese province with a population of eighteen million.

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