Varroc Lighting Systems opens an excellently equipped development centre in Ostrava for lightning technology

Varroc Lighting Systems, a global leader in external lighting for the automotive industry, has opened its Lighting Technology Development Centre in Ostrava.

More than 100 experienced mechanical designers, electronics and optics specialists are working here to develop and design cutting-edge lighting systems. At the opening ceremony, the company officially introduced to the Czech Republic the new Surface LED light technology developed and patented by Varroc Lighting Systems.

Modern headlights require increasingly sophisticated electronics, which is why the Lighting Technology Development Centre in Ostrava is one of the most modern workplaces with related specialisation in the Czech Republic. Recent extension of the centre by more than 200 % includes an electronic workshop with an antistatic environment (ESD). Investment into a new 1 500 m2 premises has significantly enhanced the facilities of global headlights manufacturer Varroc for its existing expert teams, but its aim is to also attract more specialists. “The Ostrava centre started operating in 2012 with a team of seven engineers working on a prestigious contract for the car manufacturer Bentley. The team’s focus on quality and its achieved outcomes persuaded other customers such as the Czech Republic’s Škoda Auto and Germany’s Volkswagen. The development centre in Ostrava is currently an outstanding development and design facility with global reach. This extension opens unique and excellent career opportunities for mechanics, optics specialists and electronic engineers,” tempted Vice-President for Global Product Development of Varroc Lighting Systems Todd C. Morgan. “The educational environment in Ostrava is ideal for close cooperation with local universities. Young engineers can benefit from our excellent Trainee Program at Varroc to better prepare for their future employment. We see Ostrava as the technological hub of the Czech Republic and are proud to be a natural part of such an inspiring environment,” Todd C. Morgan added.

“The ‘smart region’ title we received last year is something we are very proud of in the Moravian and Silesian Region. We are open to the latest technologies and trends and welcome each new step in the region’s development. I believe that the Varroc company’s new development centre will also contribute to the shift in the overall perception of our region and confirm the practice that investment increases competitiveness and prosperity. I am confident that this development will attract the best developers and enhance the image of this innovative and dynamic region,” said the region’s Governor Ivo Vondrák.

During the opening ceremony of Varroc’s Lighting Technology Development Centre, the company officially introduced the Czech Republic to the new Surface LED lights technology developed and patented by Varroc, which combines the fine appearance of OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) with the performance and flexibility of conventional LEDs. Owing to this innovation, Varroc can produce effective headlights and lamps with unique designs and include specific functions.

“A strong motivation persists in using OLED technologies for exterior vehicle lighting, but the cost and technical complications have so far limited the use of this technology to a handful of premium class vehicles. Surface LED technology eliminates these obstacles and adds several functions that are not feasible at this point with OLED. The feedback from car manufacturers has so far been extremely positive and we can already see many new areas of application,” confirmed Vice-President for Global Product Development of Varroc Lighting Systems Todd C. Morgan.


Varroc Lighting Systems is a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and distributing exterior lighting for the automotive industry and markets worldwide. Lighting technology is the key focus of the Varroc Group with its headquarters in Aurangabad, India. The Varroc Lighting Systems company is based in the USA, in Plymouth, Michigan. The company has nine technology and business centres in Europe, Asia, and North America, and four manufacturing facilities, two of which are in the Czech Republic, the other two in India and Mexico. The company’s presence in China is in the form of a joint venture with TYC. The company employs more than 13 000 people worldwide, with 2800 people employed at three locations in the Czech Republic – Nový Jičín, Rychvald, and Ostrava. Production in Nový Jičín and Rychvald is crucial to the company and contributes significantly to reaching the company’s objectives. The company opened a new Electronics Development Centre in Nový Jičín in 2017 which serves as the base for the company’s research and development infrastructure. This year, Varroc is continuing to significantly expand its production capacities and investments in infrastructure, research and development, and new product testing in the Czech Republic.

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