VITA LACE Festival

Deputy Governor visits partner region.

A delegation led by Deputy Governor Jarmila Uvírová visited a partner region – the Vologoda Region in the Russian Federation – for the 3rd annual VITA LACE international festival, held between the 22nd and 25th June 2017. The festival included a celebration of a major anniversary, as this year marks 870 years since the foundation of the city of Vologoda. The Vologoda Region is one of our long-term partners and delegations traditionally visit each other during major events. One of these major events, the VITA LACE Festival dedicated to the traditional craft of bobbin lacemaking, focused on the environment and ecology this year.

The work schedule included several meetings to discuss further cooperation and development. Sports exchanges and the planned ice hockey friendly matches planned for next year have been discussed with Mr. Oleg Vasilev, Deputy Governor of the Vologoda Region. Both regions have a strong ice hockey tradition and our region would be represented by the extra league clubs. Cooperation in tourism and the food industry was also discussed since our partner has expressed strong interest in our experience and expertise in beermaking and establishing mini-breweries. Our delegation explored regional foods and brand building as its main topics of interest, waste management also being discussed. The Vologoda Region is very experienced in regional brands thanks to its own culture of traditions, crafts, and foods. The region has its own, certified system facilitating regional brands and a network of shops in Russia.

“Our foreign partners are very important to us because cooperation brings many benefits, whether involving specific projects or simple exchanges of experience to present opportunities for discussion of good practice in a variety of activities and potentially adopt proven concepts or learn from solutions previously implemented. This is where I see the greatest potential and I believe that we should seek cooperation in many industries”, said Deputy Governor Jarmila Uvírová.

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