Regional Authority employees clean up the Morávka River flood-meadow

Employees of the Regional Authority of the Moravian Silesian Region have participated in the “Clean the World, Clean the Czech Republic“ event several times. Last year they cleaned up the Přemyšov nature reservation, this year they collected waste from the Morávka River flood-meadow, which is a natural monument. They cleaned up a 10 km section of the area surrounding the river.

This nationwide voluntary waste-collection event is traditionally held on the occasion of Earth Day, and anyone who loves nature can take part. Over thirty regional officials took part in the fight against waste on Friday 5 April.

“I cannot understand how people can dump waste in such a beautiful area like this around the river. The Morávka flood-meadow is a protected area, which is the habitat of protected animals like the European crayfish and the Kingfisher. This location certainly deserves care, not only from the volunteers who come here with gloves and sacks to collect the cans, bottles, plastic bags and other waste but anyone who comes here to relax,“ said Deputy Governor for the Environment Jarmila Uvírová, who actively participated in the clean-up. She added that the Moravian-Silesian Region spends considerable resources on environmental education and information from its budget every year.

This voluntary event is one of the Regional Authority's many activities that its employees take part in on top of their assigned duties. “In the past three years, about 110 volunteers from the Regional Authority have taken part in this event. More than twelve and a half tonnes of waste have been collected and filled several large skips. I am very happy that our people are interested in the environment and are willing to do extra in the job they're required to do under their employment contracts. As well as actually cleaning up the area, events like these have another important role. Officials can meet up outside the office and the time they spend together certainly has a healthy influence on the atmosphere in the offices,“ concluded Director of the Regional Authority of the Moravian-Silesian Region Tomáš Kotyza.

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