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The Moravian-Silesian Region comprises a territorial community of citizens who have the right to self-government. It exists as a public corporation that has its own assets and revenues, as defined by law, and that operates under the conditions defined by law and in accordance with its independent budget. The Region acts on its own behalf with regard to its legal relations and is responsible for whatever may arise from these relations.

The Moravian-Silesian Region is administered by its Regional Assembly; its other bodies include: the Regional Council, the Regional Governor and the Regional Authority. The Region looks after the overall development of its territory and the needs of its citizens.

The Region administers its affairs autonomously. The State Authorities can only intervene in autonomous competence, if required to do so to protect the law and only in the way prescribed by law. The extent of autonomous competencies may also be restricted by law.

The State can delegate some parts of the State Administration to the Region. The State Administration delegated to the regional authorities, is carried out by fulfilling its delegated powers. With regard to exercising State Administration the Region is an administrative district. The Region must make sure the delegated powers are exercised.

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Governor of the Region Governor of the Region – represents the region externally. Tasks that require the approval of the Regional Assembly or Council may be carried out by the Governor only after their prior approval. Governor of the Region – must be a citizen of the Czech Republic, he is elected by the Council. He is responsible to the Regional Assembly for performing his duties.
prof. Ing. Ivo Vondrák, CSc. He was born in Ostrava on 15th April, 1959, is married and…
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Director of the Regional Authority Ing. Tomáš Kotyza Ing. Tomáš Kotyza (born 1969) was appointed the Director of the Regional Authority of the Moravian-Silesian Region by…
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Regional Authority - Organizational structure The Regional Authority executes tasks of independent competence commissioned by law, the Assembly and the Council and assists to the activity of…
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The region’s rating Update of the region’s international rating executed by the Moody's Investors Service Agency.
Rating is independent assessment of a subject’s capacity and intent to fulfil its future…
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The region’s financial statements The Moravian-Silesian Region’s basic financial statements content: Balance Sheet: displays assets and liabilities both on and off the balance…

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