Virtual Tours of Sights in the Ostrava Region

Two legends have been told about the discovery of coal in the former Poland, the current Silesian Ostrava, the place where permanent coal mining began as the first in the Ostrava-Karviná basin. One of them tells the story about an Austrian infantry battalion commander who allowed his soldiers to have a rest in a valley called "Bruňa" in Polish Ostrava on their way from Galicia and he happened to find a black stone which burnt at their place of rest. He announced it to the monarchy authorities and they gave the instruction to the local authorities – thus coal – black gold mining, which was the source of prosperity for the town and its vicinity for nearly two hundred years, commenced in the Ostrava region. The other legend is about the Czech blacksmith Keltička, a Polish-Ostrava resident, who discovered black stones when cutting a tree in Burňa and realized it was coal.


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