Virtual Tours of Sights in the Poodří Region

Although the Odra River is not navigable in its upper course, it is a grand dominant over this region. The surroundings of the Odra River with unique lowland forests, wetlands and pools are interwoven with many tourist tracks, where curious visitors can see many other objects of interest. In Vražné-Hynčice there is the native house of J. G. Mendel, the world-recognized founder of genetics. The chateau in Studénka is the seat of the Wagon Museum sought after by all enthusiasts of technology. Fulnek – the place of the work of J. A. Comenius. A dominant feature of the town is a large Renaissance chateau and a Baroque Capuchin monastery on the hills above the town. Studénka – a town with the tradition of producing railway wagons, the Wagon Museum in a Baroque chateau with the exposition of railway transport history and the development of the railway network in the Czech Republic. A functional model railway with the dimension of H0 with two railway yard circles.


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