Currently, the regional network of social services includes more than 700 social services provided by more than 200 social service providers. As the network administrator, when planning these services the region must think about whether services are primarily funded sustainably and efficiently, and whether they are supported by key services which respond to what the citizens of the region really need. In the long term, there is an emphasis on support services in the field of care in the natural environment, meaning in the homes of social services clients.

It is impossible to ignore the demographic trends in society and its development. Notably the ageing population in the region, and with that comes an increased emphasis in the need to develop a quality network of residential and other services for persons whose state of health, or unfavourable social situation, does not allow them to remain in their own homes. It is also necessary to remember the people of the region who are faced with a rare form of illness or various disabilitiesmeaning that they require qualified personnel and intensive support and assistance. Finally, it is necessary to maintain existing activities that have been proven over time to be necessary and irreplaceable in the region.

Social Care Havířov

The Moravian-Silesian Region invests considerable financial resources to improve the quality of social services. To a large extent, money from the EU is also used. From this source, the Moravian-Silesian Region utilized more than 1.3 billion CZK in the field of social services between 2015 and 2022.The money is used not only for investment but also to significantly promote charitable projects that help improve the quality of social services. Among all regions in the Czech Republic, the Moravian-Silesian Region is the most active in the spending of European funds in the social sector.

Among the most important investment projects which were endorsed by the European Union, is the complete revitalization of the Bruntál organization Sagapo. To build new homes for people with disabilities, sheltered housing and create social therapy workshops, the region obtained 68 million crowns from the EU. The region utilised EU sources during the reconstruction of the Březiny home in Petřvald, for which 6 million crowns were allocated.

Foster family

In addition to creating a pleasant environment and stable operation of social services, a professional and friendly approach from workers and people in social services is also seen as important. Therefore, it is excellent that training, supervision, and expert consultation can be subsidised by EU funds. An interesting example is the project named peer consultants. Thus, people who went through mental illness and now, after recovery, can help those who suffer from a similar condition. It's a great way to integrate people with mental illnesses into society and enhance their perception of themselves and their capabilities. Other European funding helps to streamline the system of social assistance to families with children so as to prevent the placement of children outside the biological family, and these funds are also used to improve the foster care system. Specifically, the project of the Moravian-Silesian Region in accompanying applicants for alternative family care is unparalleled in the entire Czech Republic.

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