A Smart Region with a heavy industrial heritage


Our industrial heritage cannot be denied, on the contrary we have transformed it for new uses that are rarely seen elsewhere. The local landscape has been altered by the original coal mining industry but nonetheless, we are a location in the region that displays the cleanest air quality in Central Europe as well as being one of the greenest cities.

Karviná Sea

Coal does not shape our region now quite as before, but it's still an important sector of our industry. In 2017 the European Commission created the initiative "Platform for coal regions in transition" and earmarked a considerable amount of money for these regions – The Just Transition Fund. Our goal is to use it sensibly and prepare for "the post-coal era". We are already implementing the program POHO 2030, a unique transformation program for the area between Havirov, Karvina and Orlova. This is a territory where the indomitable force of nature is gradually covering over the traces of mining activities from former years, a landscape that was previously on the edge of existence, but is now returning to a natural balance.


It is our priority that the people of our region live in a healthy environment. Clean transport, efficient and economical use of energy, as well as preparation for the "post-coal era" are the main pillars of the operation of our organization the Moravian-Silesian Energy Centre.

Smart Region


Yes, we're simply a smarter Region! We are implementing projects in the areas of intelligent transport, ICT infrastructure, health, energy and administrative apparatus. We cooperate with the Moravian-Silesian data centre, which is building the regions public wireless network and high-capacity data network. This will become the basis for the development of electronic services of regional establishments.

Although we do not have the best reputation and we are still sometimes perceived as "black" region due to our heavy-industrial heritage, it's really not true anymore! It is a big motivation for us to show the world that we are a smart region and that we have great potential!

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