Moravian‑Silesian Gastronomy

The Moravian-Silesian Region has been influenced for centuries by both Polish and Slovak culture. This is no different in the case of traditional cuisine. The original diet of the inhabitants of the Moravian-Silesian Region maintained natural conditions and leaned towards the ’simple and plain’ with predictable regional differences. It used to be a rule for soup to constitute the ’cornerstone’ of the diet.


At times, soup would even be the only course – it nevertheless had to be thick, nourishing and filling. Among simple folk, meatless dishes reigned along with potatoes with cabbage in various forms, practically forming the staple of their diet. Meat was only served on festive occasions and was frequently conserved by brining, smoking or pickling. Among cakes, yeast dough cakes were the most popular – with fruit, curds, plum jam, poppy seeds, but also with cabbage. Even though in many restaurants and households, cooks are increasingly preparing dishes originating from around the world, we remain true to our traditional dishes and we are proud of our specialties.

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