Regional Action Plan for Air Protection – KAPOOO

About the Project

The aim of the project is to propose the most effective measures possible for reducing emissions in the Moravian‑Silesian Region. The effectiveness of the measures will be determined as the emissions reduction per crown expended. A list of measures will be derived from detailed monitoring of the sources of pollution, and it will be integrated in the new Action Plan of the Moravian‑Silesian Region.

Air Protection

In order to achieve the project objectives, an analysis of historical series of air quality measurements in the Region will be made, complemented with detailed targeted monitoring (referential as well as sensory measurements). The measurements will enable the identification in greater detail of individual sources and distinguish the most problematic among them. Also, the measures taken or proposed for emissions reduction will be subject to analysis.

The Moravian‑Silesian Region will use the Action Plan for subsequent air quality management, e.g., through specific subsidies. Residents of the region should feel the impact of the Action Plan in the form of stabilised or improved air quality. The elaboration of the Action Plan will entail a transfer of expertise by the project partners, which will themselves find their deepened cooperation with the Region to be enriching.

Project Team

Specialised expert, research, and methodology workplaces will cooperate on the project solution. These are key specialised institutions engaged in long-term methodological development at a national level, and in air quality monitoring and research. Also, the cities of Ostrava, Opava, and Kopřivnice have expressed support for the project. Five partners are involved in the project.

Project Partners

Logo Moravian‑Silesian Region

With this project, the Moravian‑Silesian Region responds to the need to address the issue of air pollution and its management in connection with development and other activities in the Region. In terms of the Region’s internal structures, the issue of air quality is the responsibility of the Department of the Environment and its separate Section for Air Protection and Integrated Prevention, which initiated the project. In this sphere, the Region has had long-term cooperation with leading institutions and private companies, in monitoring, evaluation, and management of air quality. That is why a logical partnership was formed with institutions and departments with national and regional scope in the project preparation phases.

Logo Czech Hydrometeorological Institute

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute is the central state institute for the fields of air purity, hydrology, water quality, climatology, and meteorology, providing objective expert services primarily for state administration. The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute has been designated by the Ministry of the Environment as the National Reference Laboratory of the Czech Republic for ambient air quality, in support of the European air quality directives.

Logo National Institute of Public Health

The National Institute of Public Health is an organisation subsidised by the Ministry of Health. Its tasks include drafting national health policy documents and documents for health protection and promotion; provision of methodological and reference activities in the field of public health protection; monitoring and research into the relationship between living conditions and health, etc. This activity in the field of air is carried out by the National Reference Centre for Ambient and Indoor Air.

Logo Transport Research Centre

The Transport Research Centre is the only research organisation under the remit of the Ministry of Transport. The institution works mainly in the field of road safety, technology of construction, maintenance, repair, and renovation of transport infrastructure, including geotechnical aspects and diagnostics of transport structures. An integral part of this involves addressing the environmental and economic impacts of transport and its infrastructure or finding smart mobility solutions and supporting the introduction of new technologies.

Logo Ekotoxa

Ekotoxa is a research, analysis, and design company for the environment, agriculture, forestry, and land development. It is one of the national centres in the field of air protection that has been conducting applied research in air protection, impacts on environmental components, air quality monitoring, and providing methodological support to the Ministry of the Environment on a long-term basis. It provides expert support to public administration and state institutions in the implementation of development plans and environmental measures, including SEA assessments. Ekotoxa was directly involved in the preparation of the Medium-term Air Protection Strategy of the Czech Republic (2015), with major involvement in proposing measures in the air quality improvement plan. In the Moravian‑Silesian Region, Ekotoxa has long been providing its professional services in the field of environment.


Logo Norway Funds – en

This project was supported with a grant from Norway Grants. Project number: 3202100003

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