Supporting mental health of young people in the era of coronavirus (Me‑Health)


Operational programme

Operational programme ERASMUS+

Project number


Project objectives

The objective of the project will be an exchange of experience about new ways to support youth mental health in the context of psychological problems resulting from the new mode of educational system operation during the sanitary crisis: distance learning, isolation.

The exchange of experience between partners from at least 3 EU Member States will help identify challenges faced by teachers and school staff during the coronavirus pandemic, resulting from the increased prevalence of mental health problems among young people. Children and adolescents are more likely to experience negative feelings with which they are unable to cope: fear of the future, fear of the illness, dissatisfaction with being banned from leaving their home and meeting with their peers, frustration with not meeting school expectations, the implementation of distance learning, stress caused by uncertainty about future exams, and the process of enrolling for secondary and higher education.

Project activities and outputs

The project consists of short-term exchanges and international meetings of people (officials and school representatives or other representatives of organisations subsidised by the region working in the relevant areas).

The project activities will cover the following aspects:

Project partners

Project implementation term

February 2022 – May 2024

Contact persons

Mgr. Michaela Mangelová
Project Manager
Department of European Projects
tel. +420 595 622 726

Mgr. Zuzana Plačková
Expert Guarantor
Department of Education, Youth, and Sports
tel. +420 595 622 251

Total project expenditures

EUR 160,845
of which EU subsidy: EUR 159,245

The project is co-financed from European Union funds through the ERASMUS+ programme.

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