Organizational Structure and Contacts

  1. Regional Governor's Office
    • Public and International Relations Section
    • Communication and Strategic Marketing Section
    • Crisis Management Section
    • Secretariat Administration Section
  2. Regional Authority Director's Office
    • Human Resources Section
    • Public Tenders Section
    • Service and Maintenance Section
    • Road Transport Section
  3. Department of Corporate Governance Support and Audit
    • Corporate Governance Support Section
    • Audit of Territorial Units Financial Management Section
    • Complaints and Audit of Public Financial Support Section
  4. Department of Law and Internal Administration
    • Legal Section
    • Legislative and Internal Administration Section
  5. Department of Information Technology
    • Technical and Applications Support Section
    • System Support and Development Section
    • Geoinformatics and Change Management Section
  6. Department of Internal Affairs and Regional Trade Licencing Office
    • General Administration Section
    • Administrative Activities Section and Regional Trade Licencing Office
    • Records Management System Section
  7. Department of Investment and Assets Management
    • Investment Grants and Technical Support Section
    • Assets Management Section
    • Investment Activities Implementation Section
  8. Department of Finance
    • Finance Section
    • Financing and State Treasury Section
    • Accounting and Methodology Section
  9. Department of Health Care
    • Health Administration Section
    • Management of Organizations and Health Care Section
  10. Department of Land-use Planning
  11. Department of Regional Development and Tourism
    • Regional Development Section
    • Structural Funds Section
    • Tourism Section
    • Strategic Planning Section
  12. Department of the Environment and Agriculture
    • Water Management Section
    • Air Protection and IPPC Section
    • Nature Conservation and Agriculture Section
    • Waste Management Section
    • EIA and Forest Management Section
  13. Department of Education, Youth and Sports
    • School Administration Section
    • Education Development Section
    • Youth and Sports Section
    • Direct Costs Section
    • School Finance Section
  14. Department of European Projects
    • Project Offices Section
    • Non-Investment Projects Section
    • Construction Projects Section
  15. Department of Social Care
    • Social Services and Community Activities Section
    • Social Protection Section
    • Section for Administration of Contributory Organisations and Budget
    • Section for Planning and Administration of Social Services Network
  16. Department of Transport
    • Public Transport Section
    • Transport Administration Agenda Section
    • Road Administration Section And Road Management
  17. Department of Culture and Historic Preservation
    • Historic Preservation Section
    • Culture and Project Section
  18. Department of Energy, Industry and Smart Region
  19. Department of Regional Building Authority

Office hours for the public:

Monday, Wednesday: 8 am to 5 pm

Tuesday, Thursday: 8 am to 2.30 pm

Friday: 8 am to 1 pm